Monday, 15 July 2024

Biden Targets Rep. Lauren Boebert in New Political Attack against GOP

  • President Joe Biden will try to do Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado the embodiment of Republican competition to his agenda.
  • Joe Biden is gearing up for a 2024 rematch against former President Donald Trump, leaving Democrats eager for opportunities to score political points against Republicans.
  • Joe Biden plans to tour CS Wind, the world’s largest wind tower manufacturing facility in Pueblo.

CS Wind is undergoing a $200 million expansion that is expected to create 850 jobs by 2026 with the help of tax credits from the Inflation Reduction Act, including hundreds of billions of dollars in financing incentives.

A new analysis by the Treasury Department found that clean energy investments have mostly flowed to communities with below-average wages and above-average child poverty.

The Inflation Reduction Act

Boebert, who had developed a national reputation as a far-right agitator, called the deflationary legislation “a colossal failure” that “must be bled.” And he called the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed in 2021 “trash” and “wasteful.”

According to the White House, the legislation has contributed about $190 million to street and water infrastructure improvements in Boebert, Colorado.

Citing Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan, the White House said Biden would talk about his administration’s progress on clean energy and how “self-described MAGA Republicans like Rep. Lauren Boebert threaten those investments, jobs and opportunities.”

Pueblo is one of the anchors of Colorado‘s sprawling third Congressional District, which covers greater land than Pennsylvania. Boebert won his seat in 2020 and did not hold it during the 2022 midterms.

He recently had an embarrassing episode when he was kicked out of the production of the musical “Beetlejuice”. Now he faces a tough re-election campaign and could run again against Democratic candidate Adam Frisch.

Biden arrived in Colorado on Tuesday to attend a memorial service in Atlanta for the former first lady and wife of former President Jimmy Carter, Rosalyn Carter. He spoke at a fundraiser Tuesday night in Denver, where he said he wants Trump and Republicans to abandon his administration’s efforts.

“We’re investing in America right now,” Biden said.

Biden had originally planned to go to Pueblo on Oct. 16, but the ride was postponed so he could live in Washington to recognize the struggle inside the Middle East. Two days later, he made a last-minute trip to Israel to show support for the country after the October 7 attacks by Hamas.

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