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FIFA World Cup Finals in the Qatar Lusail Stadium

FIFA World Cup 2022 match was in trending in the past few days. Which team is going to win this great World Cup trophy is a big question among football fans.

This FIFA World Cup 2022 was started grandly with an opening ceremony in Qatar on November 20 this year and the matches were held very well in Qatar.

FIFA World Cup Finals

Totally 64 games were played crucially to find the grand winner of this FIFA World Cup 2022.

With more twists and turns all matches held well at last Croatia and Morocco played the match on December 17 for the third and fourth place.

In that Croatia scored 2 and Morocco scored 1. Croatia defeat Morocco and took third place in FIFA World Cup 2022.

Today Argentina and France started to play the grand finals in Lusail Stadium, Qatar at 8.30 p.m.

  • FIFA World Cup 2022 finals was held today in Lusail Stadium, Qatar.
  • And the Finals was between Argentina and France.
  • With great effort Argentina won the trophy gaining 4-3.

After a great effort Messi passed the first goal in the FIFA finals at 23′ and the second goal by Di Maria at 36′.

After 30 minutes of extra time the match was in a hectic situation both Argentina and France were in a 3-3 score.

At last after a tough fight Argentina won the Penalty and scored 4 against France. The final score of Argentina vs France is 4-3.

Without any doubts Argentina is the winner of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Argentina has already won World Cup for 2 times and it was the runner up for 3 times.

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