Wednesday, 17 July 2024

Workers recovered After 17 Days stuck in Collapsed Tunnel in India

  • The tunnel rescue in Uttarakhand has drawn national and international attention and renewed awareness of the dangers of building large infrastructure projects through the fragile Himalayan Mountains.
  • Rat-hole mining is a controversial practice that involves crews using hand-held drills in very tight spaces while others remove muck and broken rock down the shaft.
  • Disaster management personnel and officials from national and state organizations assisted in the rescue operation.

All 41 workers trapped in a collapsed tunnel in India were freed after 17 days. On November 12, workers were trapped when a large part of the tunnel collapsed. They had been reduce off from the outside world and had no get admission to to water, air or daylight.

Workers spent more than 400 hours without basic necessities and faced increasing restlessness and hunger. However, they never lost hope.

Rescue Operation

They had to wait 24 hours after the fall apart before receiving their first delivery of food from the outside. They used a pre-current pipe to receive rice and cardamom seeds.

The workers managed to skip the time by way of playing ludo on their phones, charging them with the restrained power delivery to be had. Additionally, they used natural hill water to smooth themselves and had a chosen area for easing themselves.

The rescue operation involved 652 public workers from national and state agencies in India and international experts and equipment.

Several programs were launched simultaneously to reach the stranded workers. However, it took a group of rat hole miners to make the final breakthrough and save the workers.

The tunnel collapse incident highlights the dangers of building large infrastructure projects in the fragile Himalayan Mountains. Landslides are commonplace in the place and are believed to have precipitated the fall apart.

Although substantial resources have been allocated to the operation, questions will be raised about the timing of the rescue of workers.

Emotional scenes captured during the rescue operation include families reuniting and workers thanking those who saved them. The effort of the rat hole miners who worked tirelessly is commendable.

The incident is a reminder of the dangers workers face on such projects and the importance of effective safety measures.

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