How do I contact WorldMagzine?

Contact Us through the link at the bottom of our site.

How do I know about WorldMagzine?

Know About Us through the link at the bottom of our site.

WorldMagzine have any social media pages?

WorldMagzine has Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and LinkedIn social media pages.

How to subscribe to WorldMagzine?

You can subscribe to us by touching the black-colored subscribe now button in the top left of the website.

What are the details I have to provide for the subscription?

You have to enter your email address, name, and birthdate to subscribe to our website.

Are there any payments for a subscription?

No, at present we don’t charge any payments for the subscription maybe later it can be changed to know that keep in touch with us.

Do you have any limitations for reading articles?

No, now we don’t have any limitations for reading articles everything is free but, in the future, it can have some changes.

What types of articles does WorldMagzine contain?

We give you all types of international news containing cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, sports, shopping, etc., and we manage to give all types of news happening in this world.

Does WorldMagzine have social media pages?

Yes, WorldMagzine has its social media pages you can follow them by clicking the icon in the top right corner side of the website.

How can I find the news genres that I like to read?

On the WorldMagzine website, we gave separate sections for the genres by clicking that you will be redirected to that page.

What are blue highlighted words in between the article mean?

These blue highlighted words are made for you to read your interested article without any heavy search by touching the word you will be redirected to the articles page related to that word.

How can I respond to the Posts in the WorldMagzine?

We are very glad to hear your thoughts about us at the bottom of the page you can see the title Leave a Reply below that there will be a box where you can express your comments.

How to promote my brands on the WorldMagzine website?

You can promote your brands on our site by giving advertisements by contacting us through Contact Us and About Us at the bottom of the website.

How to publish my blogs on the WorldMagzine website?

You can publish your blogs on our website by Contact Us by sending the mail.

How to advertise my ad banner on the WorldMagzine website?

You can advertise with us by sending mail to the link which was on the Contact Us page.

How to search for the news I like related to the specific keywords?

You can search and read the news you like by using the search bar which was located in the right side corner of the website.

How can I use the press release to promote my business in WorldMagzine?

At the bottom of the website, you can see the Press Release under the list of useful links using that you can mail us for the press release.

How to add a sponsor to promote my business?

You can promote your business by publishing your ads on our website through Contact Us and About Us.

How to change the language of the content on the website?

You can read your articles in your comfortable language by clicking the button on the right side corner. If you click the button you can see the list of languages and there you can select the language you want.

How to publish the WorldMagzine blogs on social media?

You can share our articles on your social media pages by touching the share symbol at the right corner under the title.

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