Monday, 22 July 2024

Do You Know Afghanistan is Heading Towards the Civil War?

  • The previous leader said that Afghanistan was going to turn into a place of refuge for fearmongers under the Taliban system.
  • He is as of now living in the US and has sent off a drive to unite Afghans outside the country.
  • He said that Al-Qaeda is dynamic in the district which is getting increasingly dynamic.

With the Taliban currently loaded with factionalism, Afghanistan is going towards a nationwide conflict and the nation is turning into a place of refuge for unfamiliar fear-based oppressors, two years after the UK powers left Kabul, a previous Afghan commandant said.

Disappointed with the overall circumstances in Afghanistan, Alizai faulted the Joe Biden organization for unexpectedly leaving the conflict-torn country and its residents helpless before the Taliban.

Afghanistan is Heading Towards Civil War

He said that the Taliban system has brought about an expansion in the quantity of fear-monger associations in the country.

Indeed, even African fear-monger bunches like Al-Shabaab have laid out traction in Afghanistan and they have begun preparing their assailants. Also, everything is going on subject to the Taliban in Afghanistan, he affirmed.

The previous head of staff for the military guaranteed that they informed Biden regarding what was happening on the ground, nonetheless, the US President didn’t pay attention to anyone.

Alizai took the order to fill in as 209th Northern Armed Force Corps and later Afghan Extraordinary Tasks Corps Administrator. As indicated by Alizai, the Taliban don’t control the whole country. The Taliban are in a more terrible position, he said.

There are four groups in Taliban: Kandhari Taliban, Helmandi Taliban; Haqqani gathering, and those that went to Doha and did the exchange with the US.

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