Saturday, 9 December 2023

Government Postpones the Buy-One-Get-One-Free Junk Food Rule

The government has put off plans to outlaw two-for-one junk food specials for two years, barring stores from offering multibuy discounts on items with a lot of fat, salt, or sugar. Rishi Sunak, the prime minister, said that it would be wrong to limit choices while food costs are high.

The anti-obesity policy‘s implementation date was originally put back to October, but it has now been postponed until 2025.

Postpones the Junk Food Rule

Health advocates who have complained about the length of time it takes to adopt food agreements may be disappointed by the delay in prohibiting them. While balancing the government’s objective to reduce obesity and support people in leading healthier lives, Health Secretary Sunak emphasized the right to choose and the necessity of taking the impact on consumers and companies into consideration.

The government will assess the policy’s effects on consumers and businesses while delaying implementation until October 2025, as it had previously been under Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

  • Government delays outlawing two-for-one junk food specials amid high food costs.
  • Department of Health warns against prohibited promotions for kids.
  • Restaurants requiring refills face restriction; Commons critics criticize it.

Deals are efficient at influencing purchases, especially for kids, according to the Department of Health. Promotions like three for the price of two or buy one get one free would be prohibited under the law, which would apply to medium and big stores.

Restaurants that provide complimentary drink refills after the first drink has been consumed in full or in part would also be subject to the restriction. Conservative members of the Commons have criticized the initiative, with Shipley MP Philip Davies calling it “idiotic” and Buckingham MP Greg Smith describing it as disastrous for people’s food costs.

The government’s efforts to combat obesity, which costs the NHS over £6.5 billion a year and is the second-leading cause of cancer, were emphasized by Health Secretary Steve Barclay.

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