Friday, 29 September 2023

A George Mason Player has Qualified for the World Cup

Senior at George Mason University and midfielder for the women’s football team Milan Pierre-Jerome has qualified for the Women’s World Cup in Australia. “I wouldn’t say it has sunk in,” said Pierre-Jerome, a member of the Haitian national squad that qualified for its first-ever World Cup, male or female.

“I knew we would be able to do this from the moment I started training with them,” stated Milan. We simply have family-style games.

Women’s World Cup

Manya Puppione, head coach of the George Mason women‘s soccer team, stated, “It’s just so motivating that someone like Milan, the person that she is, the player that she is, the leader that she is, is receiving this opportunity. It motivates me to strive to be a better coach.

Since she was a small girl, Milan has had this desire. A deeper significance for her family is attached to her making the World Cup. Reginald, her father, was a custodian for Haiti but was never able to qualify for the World Cup. He was the first person she called after Milan and her crew stamped their ticket.

  • Milan Pierre-Jerome, George Mason University senior, qualifies for the Women’s World Cup.
  • Milan shares Haiti’s women’s national team’s emotional experience on the big stage.
  • Haiti faces England in the group-round opening match on July 22.

It was a fantastic experience, according to Milan, to call him after that and just share those feelings while also hearing him weep. The women’s national team of Haiti has now achieved the achievement of appearing on the biggest stage in sports, setting an example for future generations to imitate.

Since I was a young child, Milan stated, “I always wanted to be able to represent my country.” Therefore, the fact that we were able to do it and be the pioneers merely serves to inspire young ladies who look up to us. This culture can be started and maintained by you.

On July 22, Haiti will play England in their opening match of the group round. The game will begin at 5:30 a.m. Eastern time.

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