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Putin and Zelensky’s Perspectives on the Ukraine War in 2024

  • Putin and Zelensky have conducted press conferences to talk about the ongoing battle.
  • Zelensky conceded that the US presidential elections in 2024 might affect how the battle plays out.
  • Putin declared that “victory will be ours”.

Vladimir Putin, the leader of Russia, and Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, have conducted press conferences to talk about the ongoing battle in their country and to establish military goals for 2024.

Putin declared that “victory will be ours” and that peace will follow the accomplishment of their objectives. Zelensky conceded that the US presidential elections in 2024 might affect how the battle plays out.

Ukraine War

Both sides have gained a great deal this year, but Putin highlighted Moscow’s forces’ progress toward Avdiivka, an eastward industrial center devastated by conflict, and complimented Russian forces for strengthening their positions along most of the front.

Although Ukraine has established a presence on the east bank of the Dnipro River, inside Russian-held territory, it now seeks to entrench its forces along the front as well as possible.

The possibility of settling the conflict through diplomacy has been rejected by both Moscow and Kyiv. While Putin is still in office, Zelensky has said that he will not hold discussions with Russia, and Moscow has not made any requests for such talks.

Although Putin frequently states that Moscow is amenable to talks, he also stated that peace would not come to Ukraine until it was “de-militarized” and “de-Nazified.”

According to analysts, Zelensky intends to build one million drones and develop domestic production of weaponry and ammunition. Moscow and Kyiv will likely work together to reconstitute their forces. Putin pledged to strengthen Russia’s defense capabilities while ruling out any new Russian mobilization for the upcoming year.

Neither side gained any substantial territory in what was an expensive year for both. Zelensky held his news conference in front of a sizable EU flag and declared that the Ukrainian military had achieved “a big victory” in the Black Sea. Nevertheless, Washington’s hesitancy and Brussels’ disagreement over billions of euros in new aid for Kyiv remain.

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