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More Than 20 Australian Sporting Federations Band Together

A voice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in parliament has the endorsement of more than 20 Australian sporting organizations.

In Melbourne and Sydney, current and past athletes, executives, and other business leaders from the seven major sports, as well as golf, basketball, boxing, and baseball, came together to publicly declare their support for the inclusion of an Indigenous voice in the constitution.

Sporting Federations

The Australian Football League, National Rugby League, Football Australia, Rugby Australia, Netball Australia, Tennis Australia, and Cricket Australia have banded together to support the election of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representative to parliament.

Even while the AFL, NRL, Rugby Australia, Football Australia, Netball Australia, Tennis Australia, and Cricket Australia have all individually affirmed their support for the voice, on Wednesday they joined forces to write an open letter to all Australian sports fans.

  • Australian Football Leagues support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation in parliament.
  • George Rose is proud of No Limit Boxing’s support of the cause.
  • Sports and organizations united to promote a shared vision for a reconciled Australia.

Gamilaroi man George Rose, the chief executive of No Limit Boxing, expressed pride in being one of the athletes and organizations that had backed the cause. Despite the fact that it may only be a minor step, Rose declared, “We want to be a part of this step.”

On Friday morning, Australian athletes Jamie Pittman, Jade North, Mal Meninga, Andrew Gaze, Cath Cox, Eddie Betts, and Jason Gillespie penned the Uluru declaration from the heart.

Anya Hosch, general manager of inclusion and social policy for the AFL, praised those present for “coming together as sports to represent a shared vision for a reconciled Australia.” According to Dean Parkin, campaign director for the Yes alliance, the news was “a profound statement of support on this vital national conversation from organizations with deep roots across every Australian community.”

Due to its lack of a stated stance on the Indigenous voice, Athletics Australia continues to be an anomaly. The AFL, NRL, Cricket Australia, and the ARU all provided “enormous support,” according to Linda Burney, the minister for Indigenous Australians.

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