Sunday, 24 September 2023
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Israeli Data: No Young, Healthy People Died from COVID-19

According to data supplied by the Israel Ministry of Health (MOH), there have been no COVID-19-related deaths in Israel among healthy people under 50. The average age of COVID-19 vaccine-eligible patients who passed away was 80.2 years, compared to 77.4 years for those who weren’t protected.

The MOH emphasized that the information they have on patients’ underlying ailments is incomplete and does not always reflect the patient’s state of health. It’s unclear why the MOH limited the instances it used in its response to a freedom of information request to those in which it had performed an epidemiological study.

Data from Israel

The Special Committee for the New COVID Virus received information from the Ministry of Health (MOH) about COVID-19 deaths, which revealed that 94 percent of the dead were 60 or older and that none had any underlying conditions.

The Medical Directorate of the MOH gave instructions on how to complete COVID-19 death notices, directing them to mention underlying conditions, to the heads of the hospitals and the medical departments of the Health Maintenance Organisations.

  • COVID-19 vaccine-eligible patients have a lower mortality rate than those not protected.
  • The MOH limited its response to a freedom of information request to those with an epidemiological study.
  • MOH instructed hospitals to complete COVID-19 death notices.

This response is significant because it indicates the fact that the average age of COVID-19 deceased is around 80 years old and that COVID-19 mortality was mostly age-dependent.

The Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH) has highlighted incidents of young, healthy persons dying from COVID-19 and pregnant women hospitalized in critical condition, although this was untrue.

According to research released in April 2022, between January and May 2021, EMS calls for cardiac arrests among those aged 16 to 39 increased by 25%. The MOH disagreed with the study’s conclusions, claiming there is no relationship between EMS calls and COVID vaccinations.

This was one of the biggest fake news stories she had ever seen, according to Dr. Sharon Elroy-Pries, director of Public Health Services at the Israel MOH.

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