Thursday, 30 May 2024

Brazilian Footballers Demand for Refund After Falling for Crypto Scam

Two Brazilian football players fell for a cryptocurrency scam that promised them a 5% monthly income.

Mayke of Palmeiras Football Club and Gustavo Scarpa of Nottingham Forest invested about R$11 million ($2 million) in WLJC in May of last year.

Brazilian Footballers for Refund

WLJC advertised advisory services and cryptocurrency investment opportunities. The two were introduced to the pyramid plan by Willian Gomes de Siqueira, a partner at WLJC and a striker for Fluminense, a former teammate of the two.

Mayke and Scarpa sued WLJC and requested a refund after not receiving any earnings or their money back; the case will be heard in October 2023.

  • Two Brazilian football players, Mayke and Scarpa fell for a cryptocurrency scam.
  • Both of them sued WLJC and requested a refund after not receiving any earnings.
  • Palmeiras players’ investments were modest, they decided against filing a lawsuit.

Siqueira maintains his innocence and claims that his investment losses totaled 17.5 million reais ($3.3 million).

Other Palmeiras players were also implicated, but because their investments were modest, they decided against filing a lawsuit.

Authorities from Italy and Albania discovered a cryptocurrency scam that scammed investors of over 15 million euros ($15.9 million) in December.

The scam used private networks and virtual phone lines to persuade victims to invest in a particular platform with a low-risk threshold.

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