Tuesday, 25 June 2024

In Darfur, the Thousands of Dead, Injured, and Displaced People

After her father was assassinated in Zalingei, the mother of four Halima Ishaq left the town. Seven of her kin have perished as a result of the fierce war in Darfur, including her husband and two of his kids.

Due to the breakdown of the health system and the closure of the majority of hospitals, hundreds of injured people are having trouble accessing necessary medical care in many communities throughout the region, where there are also widespread killings, looting, and burning.

Trouble in Medical Care

More than 90% of the inhabitants of the area, who relied on agriculture, grazing, and regular commercial operations, have lost their sources of income. Numerous citizens and kidney patients could be in grave danger if the main hospital cannot function due to a lack of fuel, medicine, or electricity, according to local experts.

More than 10 people died on Monday, adding to the sorrow of the residents of El Geneina. Looting is on the rise in numerous sections of Darfur, which has seen the longest war on the African continent since 2003, making the Sudanese peace accord in Juba in October 2020 ineffective.

  • Halima Ishaq, mother of four, leaves town after her father’s assassination.
  • Over 90% of the area’s inhabitants lose income, and livelihoods, and face potential danger.
  • El Geneina Hospital’s renal patients die due to inadequate supplies.

The expansion and fragmentation of armed groups present severe issues and cast considerable doubt on the efficacy of efforts to stabilize regions that have been affected by civil wars.

Over 3,000 people, predominantly women, and children, have been killed in Darfur since October 2021 as a result of recurrent acts of violence, which have also resulted in the destruction of more than 50 villages.

Numerous renal patients hospitalized at El Geneina Hospital have died because of a lack of medication and dialysis supplies as a result of the region’s humanitarian organizations’ struggles to feed and treat the sick and needy.

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