Tuesday, 3 October 2023
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A Hong Kong Lawmaker Invites Coinbase to Launch Cryptocurrency Operations

Hong Kong, which is renowned for its progressive stance on cryptocurrencies, has invited international crypto trading companies to establish firms there. Legislative Council member Johnny Ng alluded to potential public listing plans for cryptocurrency trading companies, including Coinbase, in a tweet expressing his willingness to help.

This action follows a week of cryptocurrency carnage by the US SEC, which saw cases launched against industry heavyweights including Binance and Coinbase.

Cryptocurrency Operations

Hong Kong has adopted a different strategy by actively regulating crypto assets, while many Western nations continue to be wary of cryptocurrency. Paul Chan, the city’s financial secretary, declared in 2023 that the administration was committed to creating a strong ecosystem for cryptocurrencies and fintech. Since then, Hong Kong has taken the initiative to create rules and compliance measures to support the development of the cryptocurrency business.

Global IT companies have taken note of Hong Kong’s pro-crypto stance. The Korean technology behemoth Samsung announced in January that it would be launching a Bitcoin Futures Active ETF on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Furthermore, claims that Chinese officials were giving strategic assent to Hong Kong’s pro-crypto initiatives surfaced in mid-February.

  • Hong Kong encourages international cryptocurrency trading firms through public listing plans.
  • Chinese government may use Hong Kong for crypto innovation, ensuring stability.
  • Hong Kong plans retail CBDC introduction, exploring benefits for transactions and onboarding.

So long as it doesn’t endanger the nation’s financial stability, it has even been suggested that the Chinese government may one day consider utilizing Hong Kong as a test site for crypto innovation. This recommendation strengthened Hong Kong’s position as a leading cryptocurrency-friendly jurisdiction in the area.

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) revealed on June 9 its plans to create the groundwork for introducing a retail Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) as the most recent development. The initiative intends to investigate the potential advantages of CBDCs as a payment option for regular transactions and simple client onboarding onto cryptocurrency exchanges.

The invitation, issued by a member of the Legislative Council Johnny Ng, demonstrates the country’s aim to develop into a digital center for the bitcoin sector. OKX and Huobi compliance entities, which are now traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, have already expressed interest in participating. The California-based Coinbase exchange has not yet responded to the suggestion as of the time of writing.

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