Tuesday, 5 March 2024

In-Office Attendance Will Now Be Considered When Conducting Performance Reviews at Google

It appears that Google is going over and above in its conflict with workers over returning to the office. The company warned employees in an internal memo that their performance reports will take into account their in-person attendance, and that if they did not meet the three-day requirement for in-office work, it might not reflect well.

The business won’t be adding any more full-time WFH staff, according to a Fortune story, but it may examine entirely remote work arrangements in extraordinary circumstances.

Performance Reviews

For more than a year, Google employees have worked a hybrid schedule in which they spend three days at the office and two at home. Only in extraordinary cases is remote work permitted, encouraging communication and teamwork.

This action is being taken at a time when many employees don’t see the benefit of going to work. A global study of 1,300 employees conducted by Executive Network in March 2023 revealed that only 28% of knowledge professionals believed their employers make commuting worthwhile. Additionally, almost half of them stated that the company isn’t making the journey any more appealing.

  • Company warns employees about in-person attendance requirements in performance reports.
  • Google’s hybrid work model allows remote work in exceptional circumstances, promoting in-person interaction.
  • Businesses increase benefits and pay to encourage employee return.

Businesses are raising salaries and perks to get workers to come back to work, but they also need to make the journey worthwhile.

According to the source, she stated, “This will require employers to be clear on why and how working in the office can optimize collaboration and innovation.” Equal opportunities for progress and development must be offered by employers regardless of the location of the work.

Last year, as COVID-19 social distancing regulations started to loosen, Google started requesting employees to report to work.

After a year of use, the hybrid technique, which blends remote work with in-person presence, is formally included in company policy, according to Lamont.

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