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Sonu Sood Will Rebuild the Lives of Odisha Train Accident Victims in These Ways

Sonu Sood has consistently shown up as a messiah in times of crisis. The Bollywood singer has pledged to reconstruct the lives of those who lost their family members, especially the ones who lost the breadwinners, as India experienced one of the worst catastrophes in history when three trains crashed, killing more than 280 people.

He requested to help these families reestablish their life. We will give them work and assistance in starting small enterprises. We would also look after the schooling of their kids and their parents, Sonu Sood was cited by Mid-Day as stating.

Rebuild the Lives

Sood just introduced a helpline number to connect with the victims’ families. He asked his team to call the Odisha train tragedy victims’ information at +91 9967567520 to request assistance.

Sood, who was devastated by the news, had earlier called for these families to get a set monthly stipend. He claimed that posting grief-related tweets on social media wasn’t sufficient. But what about all those people who left their homes to look for work in other cities, many families have disappeared.

  • Sonu Sood pledges to reconstruct families affected by a train crash in India.
  • Sood introduces a helpline for Odisha train tragedy victims at +91 9967567520.
  • Government should introduce a policy providing a fixed income for victims of tragedies, similar to pensions.

Take into consideration the individual who lost a leg or suffered a shoulder injury; would he ever be able to work again? These individuals all contribute financially to the household.

Although I believe the government is doing a great job for them, I believe they ought to introduce a policy for the victims of such horrific tragedies. A fixed income should be provided for such families, similar to the pension system.

Aside from that, he added that no amount of compensation will ever be able to make up for the loss of life. I implore everyone to take action on their behalf; state and federal governments alike should establish specific types of regulations that serve as models going forward.

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