Tuesday, 23 July 2024
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Now Sea temperatures cause the coral reef to dangerously deteriorate

  • Due to rising ocean temperatures, the coral reef off Southeast Florida is currently suffering.
  • The amount of heat stress that kills corals is being experienced twice.
  • The greatest method to calm the waters at this time would be a tropical storm.

Due to rising ocean temperatures brought on by climate change, the coral reef off Southeast Florida is currently suffering an unprecedented and potentially fatal amount of bleaching. In certain locations near the Florida Keys, the amount of heat stress that kills corals is being experienced twice as often and earlier in the year than ever before.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists predicted that the Caribbean will likely be affected by the phenomena very soon and that a global bleaching catastrophe may be imminent.

Coral Reef

The third-largest coral reef in the world, the Florida Coral Reef, stretches from the Dry Tortugas in the Gulf of Mexico to St. Lucie Inlet, which is located 115 miles (185 kilometers) north of Miami.

The coral reef ecosystem supports thousands of marine species, prevents erosion, and promotes fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling as forms of tourism.

Coral reefs are collections of teeny, interconnected organisms that derive their color from the inside algae that serve as the corals’ food source.

The corals expel the algae when temperatures rise too high, giving the reefs a white or bleached appearance. The fact that corals can experience hunger and are more likely to become ill does not necessarily mean they are dead.

The greatest method to calm the waters and lessen the damage at this time would be a tropical storm or hurricane. In a matter of days or weeks, the Caribbean will experience heat stress if significant adjustments to weather patterns are not achieved.

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