Tuesday, 23 July 2024

Florida’s schools are being replete with lies about slavery

The first black vice president, Kamala Harris, criticized Florida’s educational standards for changing how slavery is taught in schools.

The vice president traveled to Jacksonville to express his disapproval of new rules adopted by the state’s board of education, which encourage middle school pupils to claim that some people who were held in slavery benefited from the skills they acquired.

Florida’s schools

The new standards, which urge middle school students to claim that some enslaved persons benefited from the skills they obtained, were condemned by Harris. She questioned how someone could claim that there was an advantage to being subjected to this degree of dehumanization amid these atrocities.

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, blasted the new curriculum for not indoctrinating students with liberal ideas and charged Harris with trying to demagogue and politicize history.

  • Kamala Harris criticized Florida’s educational standards for changing slavery teaching methods.
  • Harris condemns middle school standards claiming enslaved individuals benefit from skills.
  • Governor warns Democrats to manipulate Florida’s academic standards.

DeSantis defended the passages that discussed how slaves benefited, but he countered that the new curriculum might highlight some of the individuals whose acts eventually translated into subsequent ones.

The governor added that Democrats, like Kamala Harris, must fabricate information about Florida’s academic standards to forward their mission of indoctrinating pupils and exposing kids to sexual topics.

Florida stands in their way and will keep dispelling their lies and agenda. Harris underlined the value of genuine patriotism and urged educators to avoid downplaying historical sins in the classroom.

She pushed kids to remember to get stronger rather than to be persuaded into thinking that they will be better if they forget.

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