Sunday, 24 September 2023

More Female Inclusion is Required in the Metaverse

Although the metaverse is a technology with enormous potential, privacy, inequality, ethics, and sustainability are issues that need to be addressed.

Women are less bullish about the potential influence of the metaverse, according to a survey by the London-based innovation firm The Upside. Only approximately 28% of women showed optimism about the metaverse’s possible effects.

More Female Inclusion

The research asks for a new setting that allows women to thrive in equal opportunity, innovation, and entrepreneurship while demolishing the previous patriarchal structure. When developing metaverse environments, businesses should look for female designers and developers to do this.

Female entrepreneurship has thrived in the metaverse, according to 42% of the women surveyed, who see it as the metaverse’s greatest advantage. However, according to 33% of respondents, non-participating brands will lose relevance.

  • Metaverse technology faces privacy, inequality, ethics, and sustainability concerns.
  • Female entrepreneurship thrives in the metaverse, but non-participating brands lose relevance.
  • UK consumers not fully committed to the metaverse, with a potential $5 trillion value by 2030.

New revenue sources and business models are available thanks to the metaverse, and companies may interact with users to learn from them and win their support for their goods.

However, there are still certain barriers to entry, including the hardware needed for VR/AR and possible dangers like cybercrime and data breaches.

Only 15% of respondents in the UK said they would feel comfortable socializing using the technology as it is now configured, indicating that consumers in the country are still not entirely sold on the metaverse. By 2030, the metaverse might provide up to $5 trillion in value, according to McKinsey & Company.

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