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Every Time you Donate Blood, You Save the Lives

Type of Person Who Can Give Blood and Take Blood On June 14, a global holiday known as World Blood Donor Day, the urgent need for secure blood and blood products are highlighted. It provides a venue for expressing appreciation to the altruistic people who freely donate their blood, saving countless lives in the process.

Regular blood donations can save many lives, and blood transfusions are essential for preserving and enhancing life. The first recognized in 2004, World Blood Donor Day highlights the significance of routine blood and plasma donations in creating a trustworthy and sustainable supply of these life-saving commodities globally.

Save the Lives

During the epidemic, Pranav has assisted in recruiting over 150 donors to donate plasma, which is crucial for people undergoing major operations, cancer patients, and others who have experienced significant blood loss. He has converted his personal phone number into a helpline for blood donations and is always available to answer questions and make arrangements for donors if he is unable to do so right away.

A growing NGO called the I-Help Foundation Goa organizes blood donation drives every 45 days to help with the scarcity of blood during crises. A prominent organization member named Divyanshu claims that giving blood is the highest form of human service because it saves priceless lives. The group created the “I-Help Blood Donors Club,” a social networking platform that links those in need of blood throughout Goa.

  • World Blood Donor Day highlights the urgent need for secure blood products and altruistic donors.
  • I-Help Foundation Goa hosts 45-day blood donation drives, promoting human service and creating the I-Help Blood Donors Club.
  • Misinformation about tattoos and blood donations discourages potential donors.

The Blood Donor’s Gang is a well-known social media group that was started in 2012 when Vibhav Naik made a Facebook account to compile a list of well-known people. Samrat Naik, a current administrator, has proudly donated blood since 2012 and encourages other eligible Goans to do the same.

Mapusa resident Jayden Pais has started his path to becoming a blood donor. He discusses how his mother’s consistent blood donations inspired him and counsel other potential donors to begin their donation day with a wholesome breakfast, get plenty of rest, and refrain from alcohol for at least 48 to 72 hours beforehand.

Potential donors may be discouraged by myths concerning tattoos and blood donations. Like anti-rabies vaccinations, there is an 8–12 month waiting period after having a tattoo. Donating blood doesn’t lead to illness, weakness, or disruption of regular fitness routines, stresses Sunil Jadeja of Porvorim.

According to Pranav Parrikar, blood donation refills platelets within a week or two and plasma within 48 hours, potentially providing health benefits like a decreased risk of cancer and heart attacks.

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