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Rituals to be Followed in this Navratri 2023 Celebration

  • Navratri, the nine-day celebration, is praised in each niche and corner of India.
  • This celebration sees aficionados offering appreciation to various types of the goddess Durga every day.
  • Today, on the third day, enthusiasts love goddess Chandraghanta.

The eighth day of Navratri or Durga Mahashtami is committed to Goddess Mahagauri, who is the eighth Symbol of Maa Durga. Pandit Pradeep Acharya let News18 know that on this promising day, a large portion of the enthusiasts reflect while zeroing in on Goddess Mahagauri’s face.

As indicated by him, the female lovers ought to ponder while zeroing in on the feet of Goddess Mahagauri. Pandit Acharya added that by doing this, the lady’s lovers will want to achieve the ideal soul mate.

Rituals of the 2023 Navratri Celebration

Pandit Shri Acharya further said that this year, Navratri hs began on October 15 and October 21 denotes the Saptami Tithi. On this day, the seventh type of Maa Durga, Maa Kaalratri will be venerated. Ashtami Tithi is beginning from 09:53 p.m. on October 21 and will go on till the evening of October 22.

Because of Udaya Tithi, nonetheless, the Ashtami vrat will be noticed for the entire day on October 22. Pandit Acharya said that adoring Mata Mahagauri from 09:21 p.m. to 10:56 p.m. on October 22 will receive rewards. On this day, Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga, Ravi Yoga, Karana Yoga, and Bhadrasana Yog will be framed.

1. Sarvartha Siddha Yog is viewed as promising for a wide range of work. Every one of your longings will turn out to be valid assuming that you do anything in Sarvartha Siddha Yog.

2. Ravi Yog is related to the energy of the Sun and the work done in this Yog, has a superior possibility of finding success.

As indicated by him, the enthusiasts can revere the Goddess Mahagauri by lighting a light. He added that adherents, who have introduced the Kalash at their homes, can likewise venerate Goddess Mahagauri in their homes. Pandit Acharya said that the Goddess completes our foes and favors us with food, posterity, and so forth.

Lovers frequently coordinate Kanya Pujan on this day, welcoming nine little kids. They offer the most loved bhog of Maa Durga, which incorporates Halwa, Poori, and coconut.

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