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Increase of Winter Migratory Birds in Assam’s Kaziranga

  • Bar-headed geese are the most noteworthy among them.
  • 13,084 bar-headed geese were seen in Sohola Beel. Laokhowa and Burhachapori saw 8,960 Northern pintails.
  • In the Bishwanath natural life division, 2,727 transient birds were seen trailed by Dipora – 2,520.

Assam’s Kaziranga Public Park and Tiger Save has seen a 27% increment in the appearance of winter-transitory birds in 2022-23, authorities said on Friday. The count was uncovered during the fifth bird evaluation led by the recreation area specialists.

The overseer of Assam’s Kaziranga Public Park and Tiger Save, Sonali Ghosh, said the registration started recently and was led on 115 waterbodies spread across the Kaziranga Tiger Hold and encompassing regions.

Winter Migratory Birds in Assam’s Kaziranga

The statistics uncovered the presence of 84,839 birds which is a 27% increment since the last count (66,776 out of 2021-22). This spots Kaziranga among the main five concerning the presence of occupant and winter-transient birds in the country.

The hold reaches out more than 1,302 square kilometers with a huge area of more than half of the expanse of land under meadows mixed with water bodies.

With its novel earthly and oceanic natural surroundings, Kaziranga is quite possibly the best-safeguarded region on the planet. This is home to the enormous five warm-blooded creatures and it is a well-known objective for birders inferable from an extremely high variety of more than 500 bird species.

She expressed that in the principal evaluation directed in 2018-19, the include was 10,412, and in the fifth statistics, the count has reached 84,939, which shows an 814% expansion. This is second in India after Chilka, which counts around 10 lakh birds consistently.

The bird statistics were directed on the tenth of January 2024 as a solitary day practice took on an ad-libbed system by including an enormous number of bird specialists as enumerators and they were upheld by timberland cutting-edge staff, volunteers from more than 30 instructive foundations, NGOs and different associations making this one of the biggest resident science development of the country as of late.

According to the registration, the eastern Assam Natural Life Division, involving most parts of the Kaziranga Public Park region recorded the presence of a few extraordinary types of birds.

The Kaziranga-Hukuma beel in Biswanath kept 3,049 birds while the Joysagar Doloni in Kaliabor recorded 1,765 birds. Other prominent wetlands abutting the Tiger Save that recorded critical bird presence were Gonak beel (973), Sahala beel (424), and Sisubari beel (348), the report recommends.

Ghosh said that the basic avian occupants of Kaziranga incorporate the Bengal florican, Bog Francolin, and different types of raptors, vultures, and waterfowl.

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