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A New study finds Dinosaurs may be alive on some other planet

  • The Phanerozoic Eon is the current geological eon on the geological time scale and is a period of abundant animal and plant life.
  • The Royal Astronomical Society publishes the world‘s leading academic journals in astronomy and geophysics.

A groundbreaking study recommends that the real-life “Jurassic World” may already be on another planet. According to a new study, dinosaur-like species may exist on planets far from Earth and humans may now have the ability to find them.

Lead author of the study Lisa Kaltenegger disclosed,” Our current understanding of habitable planets is heavily influenced by Earth’s unique light fingerprint, but there was a time when this fingerprint was even stronger, making it easier to detect signs of life.”

Humans on Earth can discover “Jurassic World” on other planets

According to the study, researchers on Earth could detect such potential life. The key to identifying these possible extraterrestrials lies in looking for compounds that are not found on Earth today but were widespread during the time of the dinosaurs.

Earth had high levels of oxygen, about 30 percent, during the time of the dinosaurs, allowing complex organisms to thrive. Currently, the oxygen level on Earth is stable at 21 percent. The study suggests that elevated oxygen levels during the age of dinosaurs could serve as a valuable indicator of the presence of complex life on distant planets.

A Phanerozoic degree could permit a planet to host massive and complex lifestyle forms.”The Phanerozoic is the maximum latest 12% or so of Earth’s history, however, it includes all the times when lifestyles were greater complicated than microbes and sponges,” Cornell College scientist Rebecca Payne informed The Sun. “This gives preference that it could be a chunk less complicated to find signs and symptoms of life — even massive, complicated existence — someplace else within the universe.”A Phanerozoic level ought to permit a planet to host a large and complicated existence bureaucracy. “

Another method is to look for planets with high amounts of oxygen, Katlenegger said. Planets with high amounts of oxygen can lead to the discovery of interesting life forms, but make the process a bit easier.

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