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Robert Kiyosaki Anticipates More Price Growth for Bitcoin

The 1997 book Rich Dad Poor Dad was co-authored by Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. It has spent over six years as a smash hit in the New York Times. Above 32 million duplicates of the book have been sold overall more than 51 distinct dialects.

Currently, bitcoin is up 82% year-to-date and trading at $30,264.50 at the time of writing. The biggest cryptocurrency, meanwhile, is down 26% from the year before but is up 224% over the previous five years.

Price of Bitcoin

The eminent creator said, “Why to buy more Bitcoin, silver, and gold? Biden, the Fed, and the Treasury are all liars. He has already expressed his mistrust of the Treasury, the Biden administration, and the Federal Reserve. He issued a warning that the American economy is about to crash land.

Investors should be aware of the rationale behind any buy or sell suggestions, Kiyosaki said on Monday. He wrote on Twitter: “Steve Van Metre says ‘Sell gold now.'” Buy gold right away, advises David Hunter. Whom do you trust? The extraordinary creator said: “All markets are framed of purchasers and vendors.”

By challenging reasoning, you become smarter, which is more precious than money. During a recent episode of his Rich Dad Radio Show, Kiyosaki disclosed that he had purchased 60 bitcoins for $6,000 each.

Kiyosaki has long supported Bitcoin in addition to gold and silver. He anticipated that BTC will cost $500,000 by 2025 in February. Additionally, he projected that silver would reach $500 and gold would reach $5,000. Bitcoin, to him, is “people’s money.”

He predicted in December of last year that those who own gold, silver, and bitcoin will become richer when the Fed changes course and creates trillions of dollars of what he refers to as “fake money.”

Many other people, besides the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, think that the largest crypto’s price will increase significantly.

A wager by venture capitalist Balaji Srinivasan that BTC will be valued at more than $1 million in 90 days was placed in March. According to a new report from Pantera Capital, the next Bitcoin bull market cycle has already begun.

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