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The “American Idol” Judge has Come Under Fire for Remarks Made About Contestants

The new network provided a fresh start for the program, but over the past several months, “Teenage Dream” singer Katy Perry has come in for criticism for her harsh comments, leading some to compare her to the first “mean” judge, Simon Cowell.

Perry was accused of “mom-shaming” applicant Sara Beth Liebe in the audition room in March, which is the most egregious example of her allegedly harsh judgments. When the judges discovered Liebe was a 25-year-old mother of three, they were shocked. She appeared quite youthful, and Perry made a false fainting motion.

Fire of Remarks

Perry was accused of mom-shaming Liebe after the program aired, even though she is a mother herself. It is crucial to raise young mothers as they follow their dreams while raising their children, not to put them down,” one commenter stated at the time.

“Caty Perry made a joke that wasn’t very kind about my three children and being a young mother during my audition before I sang,” Liebe wrote on social media at the time.

  • Singer Katy Perry has come in for criticism for her harsh comments.
  • Perry was accused of mom-shaming Liebe after the program aired.
  • Buzaladze performed and advanced to the next phase of the contest.

According to Perry, “I understand what you mean,” as she gave Buzaladze a bear hug and said, “because I have always tried to be a strong woman and I never thought anything could get to me, but that’s not true.”

Buzaladze performed and advanced to the next phase of the contest. She comprehends the criticism, scrutiny, and spotlight this industry subjects you to better than others, Fielder said.

Ms. Perry is keeping it real at a time when we want to award participation medals. She seems to understand the benefits of giving participants some perspective while toughening their skin and teaching them a priceless lesson about the business.

We’ll have to wait and see if Perry’s Cowell parallels have any lasting impact. The singer is ending up her residency in Las Vegas in the fall and has not mentioned that she plans to leave the performance shortly.

Perry’s future will rely on how she handles criticism, according to Schmiemann. But anything like this can be quickly and readily fixed with an appropriate apology and accountability.

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