Tuesday, 25 June 2024

By 2025, a Chinese city aims to implement blockchain technology

On July 31, the Chinese city of Shanghai released an implementation plan to support the growth of its municipal blockchain digital infrastructure system between 2023 and 2025.

In addition to advancing the use of blockchain in the economy, public sector, and urban government, the plan, according to the statement, was developed to support the “strategic goal” of Shanghai’s urban digital transformation.

Blockchain technology

By integrating blockchain core technology and constructing standardized systems, China is promoting an industrial ecology with tremendous innovation momentum.

The Yangtze River Delta region’s municipal affairs, public services, and applications in various industries will be supported by the urban blockchain digital infrastructure system.

  • Shanghai unveils plan for municipal blockchain infrastructure growth.
  • China promotes industrial ecology with blockchain integration and innovation momentum.
  • China’s Metaverse Technology Platform and Zhengzhou plan for city adoption.

The system will also organize the resources of the blockchain network and establish a global hub for blockchain trading.

With the introduction of the China Metaverse Technology and Application Innovation Platform in Nanjing in May and the announcement of plans to help metaverse businesses in the area in Zhengzhou, China is preparing its cities to absorb future technology.

The creation and spread of the digital yuan, the money issued by China’s central bank, throughout numerous cities is also progressing. By allowing payments on all bus lines, Jinan has promoted the use of the digital yuan.

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