Tuesday, 23 July 2024

FBI issues a warning regarding possible AI theft by China

According to senior FBI officials, China is conducting international influence operations and enhancing its ambitions by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies produced in the United States.

To gain cutting-edge AI research and products, China and other U.S. rivals are focusing on American firms, colleges, and government research institutions.

FBI issues a warning

China has a national strategy to overtake the United States as the leading AI power by 2030, yet a large portion of its advancements are based on stolen or acquired American technology.

The FBI is keeping a close eye on China’s AI plans and is working to counter any risks from foreign enemies who use AI. The U.S. government is debating the advantages and dangers of using AI, and leading AI CEOs have agreed to set up rules to make sure the technology is developed safely.

  • China uses US AI for international influence and ambitions.
  • China aims to surpass US AI by 2030, largely relying on stolen technology.
  • FBI warns terrorists and extremists using AI techniques for explosives.

AI is being actively used by cybercriminals in a variety of methods, including the development of dangerous code, the creation of convincing phishing emails, and the execution of insider trading in securities.

The FBI issues a warning that both classic terrorists and violent extremists are experimenting with the use of AI techniques to create explosives. The FBI is looking into a surge of fraudulent AI-generated websites that have millions of followers and malicious code to deceive unsuspecting people.

According to the FBI, threat actors will be able to create increasingly potent, intelligent, adaptable, and scalable capabilities thanks to AI, and it won’t take them very long to do so.

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