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A UK-based crypto executive says Ireland is a prime destination for European crypto ventures

  • Ireland emerges as a top choice for European crypto ventures.
  • Ramp Network lauds Ireland’s regulatory approach and positive engagement with the industry.
  • Despite some relocations, Ireland’s business-friendly environment and low tax rates maintain its appeal for crypto firms.

Ireland is quickly becoming the go-to destination for crypto ventures in Europe, with firms like Ramp Network establishing their European base in the country.

While some companies, like Circle, opt to relocate their headquarters, Ireland’s allure persists due to its favorable business environment and low corporate tax rates.

Ireland’s Rise as Europe’s Crypto Hub: Crypto’s Celtic Haven

Ireland‘s crypto scene is heating up as more firms flock to its shores. Ramp Network’s move to establish its European base in Ireland underscores the country’s growing appeal as a crypto hub in Europe.

Steven Eisenhauer, Ramp’s chief risk and compliance officer, praises Ireland’s regulatory approach, particularly its collaboration with firms in the crypto sector. This positive engagement sets Ireland apart as a welcoming environment for crypto ventures.

Despite occasional relocations, Ireland’s business-friendly policies and low tax rates continue to draw crypto companies. The country’s reputation for supporting fintech businesses remains intact, making it an attractive destination for crypto innovation.

With the upcoming MiCA regulations on the horizon, Ireland’s position as a premier location for crypto ventures in Europe is likely to solidify further. The Central Bank of Ireland’s efforts to understand the industry’s nuances contribute to Ireland’s appeal as a favorable regulatory environment for crypto firms.

In conclusion, Ireland’s ascent as a prime destination for crypto ventures in Europe is undeniable. With a supportive regulatory framework, business-friendly environment, and anticipation for forthcoming regulations, the Emerald Isle continues to shine brightly in the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency innovation.

“Building consumer trust is the big thing for us because trust has been hurt in this industry unfortunately.”

– Steven Eisenhauer

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