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What you Need to Know about YouTube’s Most Recent Changes to its Fan Channel Policies

YouTube, the Google-owned video-sharing service, has released a new policy focused on fan channels to safeguard the veracity of material and stop deceptive practices.

Users of fan channels on YouTube will have to make it explicit in the name or handle of their channel that it is not an official representative of the original creator, artist, or entity as of August 21, 2023.

YouTube’s Most Recent Changes

The business explained this move on a help page, highlighting the importance of openness and honesty among YouTube users. Channels will no longer be able to resubmit their work while posing as a “fan account” for another author.

Additionally, it will be illegal for channels to take another channel’s names, avatars, or banners and modify them slightly—for example, by adding spaces or changing letters to digits—to pass themselves off as their own.

  • YouTube enforces a policy requiring fan channels to explicitly state channel is not official.
  • YouTube enforces openness, honesty, and prohibits resubmitting work under fake fan accounts.
  • New policy protects authentic fan channels and creators from imitators and inappropriate use.

With this new policy, authentic fan channels will be shielded from imitators and creators will be protected from inappropriate use of their names and likenesses. By adhering to these rules, the platform hopes to keep its viewers’ trust and prevent them from being duped by dishonest channels they interact with and follow.

Additionally, YouTube modified its YouTube Partner Programme (YPP) eligibility rules last week. The bar for entry into the program has been lowered by the platform for smaller creators.

The new rule states that if creators reach 500 subscribers and 3,000 valid watch hours, they are eligible to join the program. Initial implementation of the streamlined eligibility standards will take place in several countries, including the US, Taiwan, the UK, Canada, and South Korea.

There are now more opportunities for content suppliers to make money. Smaller channels now have access to technologies like paid chat, tipping, channel memberships, and shopping capabilities for making money.

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