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Global partners can use the Huawei Summit for business growth

  • The HDC·Together Huawei MEA Ecosystem Summit demonstrated a smooth combination of innovation and cooperation.
  • It was held in collaboration with the Saudi Tourism Authority and Dubai Economy and Tourism.
  • The goal is to promote economic growth, innovation, and advancements in tourism and technology.

The HDC·Together Huawei MEA Ecosystem Summit, which took place in Dubai, demonstrated a smooth combination of innovation and cooperation. Nov. 27 at the prestigious Dubai Opera was the first day of the invitation-only event. It brought together Middle Eastern and African Huawei Ecosystem partners in addition to those from China.

The goal of the HDC-Together Huawei MEA Ecosystem Summit was to promote economic growth, innovation, and advancements in tourism and technology. It was held in collaboration with the Saudi Tourism Authority and Dubai Economy and Tourism.

Huawei Summit

By bringing China and the MEA region together, the summit promoted collaboration, innovation, and cross-market business exchange. The significance of cooperative endeavors within Huawei’s ecosystem in propelling technological advancements and innovation was underscored by the speakers.

With Huawei Themes, which has developed into a platform for globalizing creativity, HIPA secretary-general Ali Khalifa bin Thalith emphasized the globalization of art and photography. Mahmood Al-Abadi, an Emirati artist, talked about his experience with calligraphy and the arts while showcasing Huawei’s wide range of customizable themes and easy integration with tablets, smartwatches, foldable phones, and smartphones.

With the support of HMS’s strategic partners, Emirates, Arabian Oud, Jahez, and Viu, who pledged their commitment to these common objectives, the event unveiled a thorough action plan for 2024.

The summit included lively roundtable discussions and discussion panels that sparked thought-provoking discussions among industry professionals regarding the potential for cooperation between Huawei AppGallery and Petal Ads.

Huawei AppGallery is taking advantage of its fast growth in China and the MEA region to strategically foster partnerships and collaborations between regional and international players. The summit provided a dynamic forum for local and international players to collaborate and form partnerships, encouraging an atmosphere of innovation and mutual benefit.

Emirates gave a perceptive description of its experience working with Huawei Ecosystem, emphasizing the value of strategic alliances in rapidly changing technology environments. A version of the Emirates App that enables users to use QR codes as boarding passes was successfully released this year for Huawei smartwatches.

To better serve regional advertisers, Middle East Communications Network produced a thorough analysis of regional and worldwide advertising trends that highlighted Petal Ads’ cutting-edge capacity to deliver richer user experiences.

By introducing fresh ideas and solutions, HMS demonstrated its dedication to building relationships with clients, fostering brand expansion, and rising to new challenges.

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