Friday, 19 April 2024

Two Unarmed Men Being Shot and Their Bodies Being Bulldozed

  • No less than 32,552 Palestinians have been killed and 74,980 injured in Israeli assaults on Gaza since October 7.
  • The loss of life in Israel from Hamas’ October 7 assault remains at 1,139 with handfuls held hostage.
  • The private area close to al-Shifa is “unrecognizable” because of Israel’s orderly assaults on homes there.

The film shows unarmed Palestinian men – one over and over waving a piece of white material in an indication of giving up – before Israeli soldiers shoot them dead and afterward cover their bodies with a tractor close to Gaza City.

Hamas denounces the killings, saying it is “additional proof of the size of autocracy and culpability that administers Zionist way of behaving”.

Unarmed Palestinian Men Were Shot Dead

No less than nine individuals are killed in two separate Israeli strikes in the south of Lebanon as battling keeps on heightening with Hezbollah.

Muhammad Abu Sakhil is the furthest down-the-line Palestinian writer to be killed in the conflict after he was designated by Israeli soldiers at al-Shifa Clinic.

A shooter has terminated at a few vehicles on an Israeli thruway close to the city of al-Auja in the involved West Bank, harming three Israelis, including a 13-year-old kid.

Israeli powers have captured three Palestinians regarding the shooting and shut all passages into al-Auja and the city of Jericho.

Family members of Israeli warriors who are being held hostage in Gaza are because of meet PM Netanyahu today, as per Israeli media reports.

Two unarmed men were shot and their bodies were destroyed by Israeli soldiers in northern Gaza, the Palestine Red Bow Society (PRCS) is approaching the global local area to consider Israel responsible.

Farsakh said the circumstances on the ground in Gaza were deteriorating amid Israel’s continuous purposeful assaults on helping laborers and regular people.

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