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The Ghosts of Bakmut during the Ukraine War

In the country’s east, Ukrainian forces are aiming to reclaim the city of Bakhmut. The “Ghosts of Bakhmut” are a group of skilled snipers who execute local nighttime raids. 20 soldiers make up the Ghosts, who have been operating in Bakhmut for the past six months and frequently go after valuable targets.

According to Ghost, 524 Russians have been killed when their base is under Russian artillery’s line of sight. Every shot that the squad fires through the rifle’s sights is electronically recorded.

The Ghosts of Bakmut

In addition to killing individuals, the Ghosts, which are made up of ghosts, are also destroying the adversary. They have been able to kill 524 Russians throughout the past six months of operations on the outskirts of Bakhmut. Through the rifle’s sights, the crew has been electronically recording each shot.

Ghost, the leader of the Ghosts, leads the BBC to their base at the “edge of existence,” which is outside the city. They have been operating around Bakhmut’s perimeter for the last six months, frequently looking for valuable prey.

  • Ukrainian forces seek Bakhmut reclaim through skilled snipers, known as Ghosts.
  • Ghost leads BBC to Ghosts’ base, searching for prey.
  • Sniper team recovers from Russian attack, optimistic about impact.

Ghost and his squad were hand-selected for their “humanity and patriotism” as opposed to their military training and qualifications.

As evening falls, Ghost and cameraman Moose Campbell accompany the Ghosts to the drop-off location, where Russian artillery is still being used to attack parts of the road. To set the ambiance and drown out the sound of the shelling, they play music on their phone.

They eventually come to a sudden stop next to a demolished house after passing six damaged Ukrainian armored vehicles. God be with you! Kusch exclaims before scurrying out of the room.

Kusch and a British member of a small sniper team are just getting back from a fight with a Russian machine gunner. Although the team is skeptical of their chances of winning, they think they are having a big impact on the opposition.

They have been using a sound that cannot be heard and a covert location to track down one Russian soldier at a time. The group believes that by taking out one Russian soldier at a time, even if they are unsure if they will succeed in winning the war or retaking Bakhmut.

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