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Pope Francis Washed the Feet of Women Prisoners

  • In the Christian custom, Heavenly Thursday recognizes the day when Christ washed the feet of the messengers at the Last Dinner.
  • It is a feature of Heavenly Week, which celebrates Christ’s last days before his revival on Easter.
  • A couple of moments prior, the pontiff was all grins as he warmly greeted the detainees.

Pope Francis, who frequently argues for sympathy to detainees, washed the feet of 12 imprisoned ladies in Rome on Thursday in a ritual checking Blessed Thursday before Easter.

The Argentinian Jesuit visited the Rebibbia ladies’ jail on the northeastern edges of the Italian capital, where he played out a similar ritual in 2015.

Pope Washed the Feet of Prisoners

Thursday, be that as it may, was the initial time the 87-year-old pontiff had devoted his yearly custom during Heavenly Week exclusively to ladies.

Situated in a wheelchair, the pope washed the feet of every one of the detainees, some of them in tears, before getting them dry with a towel and kissing them.

“We as a whole have little disappointments, huge disappointments,” said the pope in an extemporaneous lecture during a mass held in the yard of the jail that holds exactly 370 ladies.

Last month, the pope got an influenza that made him drop a few public gatherings. During his ensuing recuperation, he has on a few events requested that others read his talks.

Since becoming pope in 2013, the top of the Catholic Church has frequently visited jails and evacuee focuses, remembering last year for Sacred Thursday when he visited an adolescent detainment place and washed the feet of 12 young fellows.

On Great Friday, he is expected to direct the “Method of the Cross” petitioning God‘s administration at Rome’s Stadium, which he couldn’t go to last year as he recuperated from a bronchial disease.

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