Thursday, 20 June 2024
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Meeting between UAE leader and Taliban official who faces $10 million bounty over attack on American

  • The head of the unified Middle Easterner emirates has met with authority in the Taliban government needed the US on up to a $ 10 million abundance over contribution in the assault that killed an American resident.
  • Sheik Mohammed container Zayed artificial intelligence Nahyan the guidelines of Abu Dhabi, met with Taliban’s inside serve.
  • Afghanistan Tuesday in Emirati capital as per detail run WAM news organization.

They zeroed in on the economy and improvement in Afghanistan. the two nations and ways of upgrading common interest in territorial solidness WAM said. Taliban portrayed a “matter of common interest”, expounding.

Siraguddin Haqqani

Siraguddin Haqqani is needed for addressing the January 2008 assault on an inn was has been held for quite a long time in the US military jail Guantanamo Straight delivered in 014 US Armed force Sgt Bowe Bergdahl was caught after leaving the post in 2009.

Kabul Afghanistan killed six individuals including an American resident. He is accepted to have facilitated and taken part in assaults against US powers Afghanistan al Zawahri was killed was home for Haqqani additionally purportedly engaged with the preparation of the rendezvous endeavor of Afghan president Hamid Karzai in 2008.

The US consulate in Abu Dhabi is around 5 kilometers (3 miles) from where the gathering occurred. UAE an organization of seven managed sheikhdoms likewise home to Dubai many soldiers work with man-made intelligence. Haqqani is remembered to remain in Pakistan explicitly Miriam Shah, north most awful, Pakistan region.

China’s most unmistakable country ambassador from the gathering of different nations has acknowledged de realities Taliban. American agents on numerous occasions with the Taliban also. He is purportedly the senior head of the Haqqani organization and keeps up with close connections to the Taliban and-Qaeda. Taliban’s first rule in Afghanistan has been attempting Afghanistan.

The minimal-expense transporter flies Dubai into Kabul Global Air terminal again Emirati organization. The worldwide local area driven by the Unified Countries attempted to millions battle for catastrophes kill provincial regions economies.

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