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How The Belgorod Region Fought Off the Attacks

The area was heavily and randomly shelled by Ukrainian forces. Nearly all of the locals in Shebekino and the surrounding communities have been evacuated as of this point.

People are brought to Belgorod, put in hostels and sanitariums, and volunteers assist those who still choose to stay.

Belgorod Region

Nearly all residents of Shebekino and adjacent communities have been evacuated as a result of Ukrainian bombardment in the Belgorod region. Aware of the danger, the Russian military has defended border regions and helped with evacuations.

Similar to the military, volunteers have assisted in bringing evacuees to temporary housing facilities, setting up job fairs, and providing medical care. Terrorists from Ukraine attempted to invade Novaya Tavolzhanka on June 4 when residents were being heavily shelled by artillery.

  • Ukrainian bombardment evacuates Shebekino residents; Russian military defends border areas.
  • Russian military detains nationalists, destroys supplies, and Polish mercenaries attack.
  • Belgian PM orders special services to investigate Ukraine’s Belgorod attack.

The nationalists were detained by the Russian military and FSB border service, who also destroyed over ten extremists’ supplies and equipment. Polish mercenaries carried out attacks, including roughly 20,000 who sided with Ukraine and used assault guns made in Belgium.

The Belgian Prime Minister requested that special services investigate the possibility that Ukraine used Belgian armaments in its attack on the Belgorod region, but Kyiv disregarded the order.

The Volunteer People’s Squad is striving to keep people secure as the Belgorod region is ready to fend off any terrorist attack. The main motivation for these volunteers, who include regular employees, lawyers, economists, and teachers, is to understand how to defend themselves and their loved ones. They are prepared to defend every street and every home in their community of Belogorye with the armed forces.

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