Thursday, 20 June 2024

39 people were killed when Israel’s army attacked a “Hamas compound” in a school

  • Israeli military conducted an airstrike on a school in Gaza, claiming it was a Hamas compound.
  • At least 39 people were reported killed, according to Hamas-affiliated media.
  • The strike is part of ongoing hostilities following a major Hamas attack on Israel in October.

An Israeli airstrike targeted a school in the Nuseirat area of Gaza, which the military claimed was being used as a Hamas compound. The strike, reported to have killed at least 39 people, has added to the mounting casualties in the ongoing conflict.

The Israeli military stated that precautionary measures were taken to minimize civilian harm, including aerial surveillance and intelligence gathering.

UN School Compound Hit by Israeli Strike Leaves 39 Dead

An Israeli airstrike on a UN-run school in the Nuseirat area of Gaza has reportedly resulted in the deaths of 39 people. The Israeli military claimed the school was being used as a Hamas compound, though details remain unverified.

The attack has further escalated the conflict that began after Hamas’ assault on Israel on October 7, which caused significant casualties and led to Israeli hostages. The Israeli response has involved extensive military operations in Gaza.

In its statement, the Israeli military emphasized that it took measures to avoid civilian casualties, such as conducting aerial surveillance and gathering intelligence. However, the high death toll highlights the severe impact on the civilian population in Gaza.

Hamas-affiliated media provided the death toll without specifying the source, and the Associated Press has not independently confirmed the details. The ongoing violence has already resulted in thousands of deaths and widespread devastation in the region.

The recent airstrike on the UN-run school underscores the ongoing and escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with high civilian casualties exacerbating the conflict’s toll on both sides. As international calls for restraint and humanitarian access grow louder, the situation remains dire and fraught with complexity.

“The high civilian death toll underscores the severe humanitarian impact of the ongoing conflict, raising urgent calls for restraint and protection of non-combatants,” said a representative from a leading human rights organization.

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