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Australia is Going to Experience a Rain Bomb

Around half of Australia will get rain during the first two weeks of June. Winter began with unseasonably warm temperatures brought on by a high-pressure system and northerly winds.

By the end of Wednesday, a cold front, which will have passed across Western Australia, will have brought chilly air into South Australia. Cloud cover, rain, storms, and high gusts will accompany the dip in temperature, making it feel colder.

A Rain Bomb

Over the next seven to ten days, rain is expected in parts of southwestern, southern, south-eastern, and eastern Australia due to weather systems.

With widespread rainfall between 20 and 30 millimetres and between 50 and 80 millimetres for locations near Perth, a cold front is generating showers and storms in southern Western Australia. Within the following seven to ten days, the two rain-bearing weather systems will have a significant impact on a large portion of southern, southern, southeastern, and eastern Australia.

  • Half of Australia experiences rain in June due to warm temperatures.
  • Cold front generates showers, and storms, affecting southern, western, southeastern, and eastern Australia.
  • Sydney may experience rain by Tuesday, with showers in Brisbane and Hobart.

In Adelaide, a few light showers are predicted, but these could turn into more intense downpours. With about 15 millimetres of rain forecast for Parkes, 25 millimetres for Condobolin, and 30 millimetres for Cobar, inland NSW might receive twice as much rain as usual for June.

By Tuesday, Sydney may experience rain; the wettest day will be Thursday. Showers are expected to start in Brisbane and Hobart on Tuesday, with up to 9mm of rain possible in Hobart on Thursday.

Tuesday and Wednesday will bring showers to Melbourne, with Thursday bringing even more precipitation. While Melbourne will have up to 20mm of rain on Wednesday, Canberra will stay dry.

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