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Despite cancer treatment, Kate Middleton regrets missing the Colonel’s Review

  • Kate Middleton expresses heartfelt regret for missing Colonel’s Review due to ongoing cancer recovery.
  • Extends pride and appreciation to the Irish Guards for their dedication and hard work.
  • Hopes to represent the regiment again soon, conveying sincere apologies for absence.

Kate Middleton, in a poignant message to the Irish Guards, expressed her deep regret for her absence at the Colonel’s Review. Continuing her recovery from cancer treatment, she acknowledged the significance of the event and extended her sincere apologies for being unable to participate.

Despite her absence, Middleton conveyed her immense pride in the regiment’s dedication and hard work. She highlighted their commitment to perfection in drills and uniform presentation, reaffirming her honor in serving as their Colonel and expressing hope for future opportunities to stand alongside them.

The Irish Guards’ Apology: Kate Middleton’s Gratitude and Resolve

Kate Middleton expressed her heartfelt remorse for missing the Colonel‘s Review, citing her ongoing cancer recovery as the reason for her absence. Despite her physical absence, she conveyed her unwavering support and admiration for the Irish Guards, acknowledging their dedication to excellence.

In her message, Middleton conveyed her deep pride in the regiment’s commitment to rigorous training and preparation for Trooping the Colour. She emphasized her gratitude for their hard work and dedication, recognizing their efforts to uphold tradition and honor.

The Princess of Wales expressed her hope for a swift return to public duties, expressing her desire to once again represent the Irish Guards with honor and distinction. She closed her letter with a heartfelt apology, assuring the regiment of her continued support and appreciation.

In closing, Kate Middleton’s heartfelt message serves as a testament to her unwavering dedication to the Irish Guards and her commitment to fulfilling her duties as their Colonel. Despite her absence, her words of appreciation and support resonate deeply with the regiment, instilling a sense of pride and unity as they continue their preparations for Trooping the Colour.

“In times of challenge, our bonds grow stronger. My absence today does not diminish my pride in our regiment, nor my gratitude for your unwavering dedication. Together, we stand as a testament to resilience and unity.”

– Kate Middleton

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