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World’s Largest Indoor Ice and Snow Park Opens in Harbin, China

  • Harbin‘s new indoor park spans 23,800 square meters with nine themed sections.
  • Maintains temperatures between -8°C and -12°C year-round.
  • Utilizes 20,000 cubic meters of ice sourced from the Songhua River.

Harbin, China, has launched the world’s largest indoor ice and snow theme park, covering 23,800 square meters. This expansive facility, officially certified by Guinness World Records, boasts nine themed sections and 13 interactive projects.

The park’s ice, sourced from the Songhua River, totals 20,000 cubic meters. Inside, visitors can enjoy vibrant ice sculptures, including edible creations made with environmentally-friendly dyes.

Harbin Unveils World’s Largest Indoor Ice Park

The Harbin Ice and Snow World Park, now the largest indoor ice and snow theme park globally, opened its doors in Harbin, China. Spanning 23,800 square meters, the park features nine themed sections and 13 interactive attractions. Despite the summer heat outside, the park maintains a wintery atmosphere with temperatures between -8°C and -12°C.

This massive park utilizes 20,000 cubic meters of ice sourced from the nearby Songhua River. Visitors are treated to an array of ice sculptures, including edible ones crafted with environmentally-friendly dyes. The park combines advanced ice sculpting techniques with cutting-edge lighting and sound technologies to offer a unique, immersive experience.

Harbin, known for its cold winters and the annual Ice and Snow Festival, attracts numerous tourists during the winter months. This new indoor park aims to extend the tourist season, transforming Harbin into a year-round destination. The park’s attractions are designed to captivate visitors with their innovative designs and interactive elements.

The opening ceremony coincided with a heat wave, making the park’s chilly interior a welcome escape. By offering a permanent winter wonderland, Harbin is set to boost its tourism industry, appealing to visitors seeking a unique and consistent icy experience regardless of the season.

The Harbin Ice and Snow World Park is poised to become a major tourist attraction, offering a unique blend of entertainment, culture, and innovation. Its year-round availability ensures that Harbin remains a top destination for ice and snow enthusiasts.

“The annual Harbin Ice and Snow Festival brings tens of thousands of tourists from China and elsewhere, but this new attraction is aimed at extending the city’s tourist season and transforming it into a year-round destination.”

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