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Woollim Entertainment Takes Action Against Malicious Posts Targeting Kwon Eun Bi

  • Woollim Entertainment to take legal action against defamatory and sexually explicit posts.
  • Agency urges fans to report harmful content to protect Kwon Eun Bi.
  • Rise in malicious comments linked to Kwon Eun Bi’s increasing popularity.

Woollim Entertainment, the agency representing Kwon Eun Bi, has issued a firm warning regarding the surge of defamatory and sexually explicit comments aimed at the artist. They announced their decision to take legal action against individuals responsible for these harmful posts, which have proliferated across various online communities and social media platforms.

In their statement, Woollim Entertainment expressed gratitude for the fans’ continuous support and requested their assistance in reporting any harmful posts they encounter. The agency reassured fans that they are dedicated to safeguarding Kwon Eun Bi’s rights and privacy and will pursue strong measures without leniency.

Kwon Eun Bi and Woollim Entertainment Stand Against Online Harassment

Kwon Eun Bi’s agency, Woollim Entertainment, has taken a strong stance against the increasing online harassment directed at the artist. The agency released a statement on August 29, announcing their intention to pursue legal action against those responsible for defamatory, sexually explicit, and false content. This decision was made after observing a significant rise in such posts across online communities and social media.

The agency highlighted the severity of the situation and expressed their determination to protect Kwon Eun Bi. They have been collecting substantial evidence of these harmful posts and plan to monitor online platforms continuously. Woollim Entertainment’s statement emphasized that they would not tolerate any form of malicious behavior and would take all necessary measures to safeguard their artist’s rights and privacy.

Woollim Entertainment also called upon fans to support their efforts by reporting any harmful posts they come across. The agency acknowledged the crucial role of fans in protecting Kwon Eun Bi and encouraged them to continue showing their unwavering support. This initiative aims to create a safer online environment for the artist and deter any further malicious activity.

This action follows Kwon Eun Bi’s remarkable rise in popularity, particularly over the summer, due to her outstanding live performances at various festivals. The agency hopes that their firm stance and the support of fans will help combat the wave of malicious comments and ensure a more respectful and supportive online community for Kwon Eun Bi​

Woollim Entertainment’s proactive measures and the collective effort of fans are crucial in creating a safer and more supportive online environment for Kwon Eun Bi. Their firm stance against malicious posts aims to deter further harassment and protect the artist’s rights and well-being.

“We will continue to monitor and collect evidence of malicious posts to protect our artists to the best of our abilities. Moving forward, we will take legal action on all malicious content that we find. To this end, we ask fans to help us by emailing these posts to us.”

— Woollim Entertainment

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