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Kolkata is Expecting 17K Foreigners for Durga Puja

  • Last year, Kolkata facilitated almost 12,000 visitors from abroad during Durga pooja.
  • This year visit administrators anticipate a 40% ascent in the number.

Kolkata is set to have a record number of guests from abroad during Durga pooja which has now turned into a worldwide occasion following its consideration in Unesco’s immaterial social legacy list in 2021.

While exchange insiders gauge at least 17,000 outsiders to participate in the merriments this year, the state government has advised the business to be prepared to have five lakh guests between Mahalaya (October 14) and Diwali (November 12).

17K Foreigners Expected for Durga Puja

Suresh Poddar, Leader of the inn and eatery relationship of Eastern India, guaranteed that accommodating the foreign vacationers ought not to be an issue as there are around 50,000 lodgings in Bengal.

The guests, as indicated by the travel planner, are for the most part from the US, Australia, and European countries like France, Germany, UK, Italy, and Ireland and incorporate NRIs.

The figure likewise incorporates Bangladeshi nationals who visit Kolkata all year because of multiple factors including business and medical services. Countless travelers from Canada had likewise shown interest yet needed to drop their arrangements because of the pressure between the two countries.

Travel planner Jaydeep Mukherjee, who has been provoking Durga puja in Europe, Canada, and the US through roadshows starting around 2012, is getting guests from Argentina, France, Portugal, and Spain this year.

Bodhisatva Banerjee, another Durga puja lover who has been advancing Durga puja abroad starting around 2019, said he positions the celebration as the best show on the planet, and this year he is getting 25-odd guests from France, Germany, and the UK.

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