Wednesday, 19 June 2024
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In Three Months It was the Fifth Iceland Volcanic Eruption

  • A fountain of liquid magma in Iceland has ejected for the fifth time in 90 days.
  • The streets around Grindavik are shut.
  • The Met Office says magma is shooting around 50 meters out of sight from a crevice around 1 kilometer long.

Magma should be visible spilling from the Sundhnúkur pit column. It started in the early evening today, 29 May, and it is progressing.

Guests have been cleared from the Blue Tidal Pond warm spa, one of Iceland’s top vacation destinations, and it stays shut.

Fifth Iceland Volcanic Eruption

The ejection site is a couple of kilometers southeast of Grindavik, a beachfront town of 3,800 individuals around 50 kilometers southwest of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik. It has been cleared.

Regardless of lying only 20 km north of the ejection site, Keflavik Global Air terminal – Iceland’s vitally worldwide air terminal – stays open and flights are as yet showing up and leaving. Anyway, the air terminal encouraged travelers to “screen flight data”.

Assuming you are anticipating venturing out to or from the impacted region, here is the all relevant info on exhortation from European state-run administrations and aircraft.

Before the new ejections, the Svartsengi volcanic framework north of Grindavik had been torpid for something like 780 years. The well of lava is only a couple of kilometers west of Fagradalsfjall, which was lethargic for quite a long time before erupting to life in Walk 2021.

During a new emission, Icelandic specialists pronounced a highly sensitive situation in November after many little quakes shook the Reykjanes Landmass – the island country’s most populated district.

Despite worries over the effect the emission will have on movement, close by Keflavik Air terminal remaining parts are functional. Icelandic air terminal administrator ISAVIA encourages travelers to screen flight data here.

Volcanic emissions can represent a serious risk to air travel as debris delivered into the climate can make fly motors come up short, harm flight control frameworks, and lessen perceivability.

Notwithstanding, the air terminal has said they were utilized for volcanic action and good to go to manage it without expecting to close the air terminal.

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