Tuesday, 23 July 2024

A second day of Acropolis closure due to heat wave

  • Acropolis closed midday due to extreme heat in Greece.
  • Other archaeological sites in Athens also shut during peak temperatures.
  • Public safety measures include rescheduling visits and wildfire precautions.

As temperatures soar above 40°C in Greece, the closure of the Acropolis highlights the severity of the heatwave gripping the nation. This decision reflects concerns not only for the preservation of ancient structures but also for the safety of visitors and staff amidst extreme weather conditions.

Meanwhile, efforts to mitigate the heatwave’s impact include providing cooling centers and distributing fans to schools conducting exams. These measures underscore Greece’s proactive approach in safeguarding public health during periods of intense heat and wildfire risk.

The Acropolis is closed to prevent scorching heat in Greece

As Greece faces record-breaking temperatures, authorities have taken decisive action by closing the Acropolis and other archaeological sites during the hottest hours of the day. This precautionary measure aims to protect both visitors and historical artifacts from potential heat-related damage.

In addition to site closures, the Greek government has implemented emergency measures to combat the heatwave’s effects. Air-conditioned spaces have been set up across Athens to provide relief for the public, while schools hosting exams have received fans to ensure students’ comfort and safety.

The closure of the Acropolis underscores the severity of the current weather conditions in Greece, with temperatures expected to exceed 40°C in many regions. This decision reflects a proactive approach by authorities to prioritize public health and preserve cultural heritage amidst extreme heat and heightened wildfire risks.

Looking ahead, forecasts suggest a temporary reprieve with cooler temperatures expected by the weekend. These conditions offer hope for reducing the immediate impact of the heatwave while authorities remain vigilant in monitoring and responding to ongoing weather challenges.

Authorities in Greece have responded decisively to the unprecedented heatwave, prioritizing public safety by closing historical sites and implementing emergency measures. As the country navigates through these challenging weather conditions, vigilance remains key to mitigating further risks.

“The early start of the heatwaves, combined with the dry winter, has led to a very difficult fire season.” – Vassilis Kikilias, Minister for Civil Protection

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