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PlayStation VR 2 will soon support PC gaming: All the details

  • New Adapter for PC Compatibility: Sony’s PS VR 2 will be compatible with PC gaming using a new adapter priced at USD 59.99, available from August 7.
  • Limited Features on PC: While PC gamers will enjoy 4K visuals, finger touch detection, and 3D Audio, features like HDR, headset feedback, and eye tracking will not be supported.
  • Expanded Gaming Library: This update allows a broader audience, including those with both PS5 and PC, to access a wider range of VR games, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Sony is expanding the reach of its PlayStation VR 2 (PS VR 2) by introducing compatibility with PC gaming. Starting August 7, gamers can purchase a new adapter for USD 59.99, allowing them to use the headset with their PC setups and play Steam VR games. This move significantly broadens the headset’s accessibility beyond just PS5 owners.

However, PC users will miss out on some advanced features exclusive to the PS5. While they can still enjoy 4K visuals, finger touch detection, and 3D Audio, features such as HDR, headset feedback, adaptive triggers, and eye tracking won’t be available. This ensures that the premium experience remains tied to the PlayStation 5, offering additional value to its users.

Sony’s PS VR 2 Expands to PC Gaming with New Adapter

Sony is set to broaden the appeal of its PlayStation VR 2 (PS VR 2) by making it compatible with PC gaming. A new adapter, priced at USD 59.99, will be available starting August 7, allowing PC gamers to enjoy VR experiences previously exclusive to PlayStation 5.

This compatibility update means that all Steam VR games will be playable on the PS VR 2, expanding the gaming library significantly for PC users. The adapter offers an affordable way to enhance gaming setups with high-quality virtual reality.

Despite this exciting development, PC gamers will miss out on some features. The PS VR 2’s advanced functionalities like HDR content, headset feedback, adaptive triggers, and eye tracking will remain exclusive to the PS5, preserving a premium experience for console users.

The headset will still provide impressive features on PC, including 4K visuals, finger touch detection, and 3D Audio in supported games. This makes it a valuable addition for those looking to diversify their gaming experiences across both PS5 and PC platforms.

Overall, the PS VR 2’s new compatibility with PC gaming significantly broadens its user base, offering high-quality visuals and an expanded game library, despite some feature limitations on PC. This update represents a strategic move by Sony to enhance the versatility and appeal of their VR headset, benefiting both PS5 and PC gamers.

“PS VR2 was designed from the ground up specifically for PS5 — so you’ll notice that some key features, like HDR, headset feedback, eye tracking, adaptive triggers, and haptic feedback (other than rumble), are not available when playing on PC.” – Sony’s blog post.

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