Sunday, 24 September 2023

Gitex Tech Conference Searches for Fresh Ideas in Africa

Gitex Technology Week will make its first appearance in Africa, highlighting the best innovation and swift digital transformation on the continent. Over 900 businesses, governmental organizations, start-ups, and participants from at least 100 countries will be present throughout the three-day event, one of the biggest tech and start-up exhibitions in Africa.

For Africa‘s digital future, given the discrepancies in access to dependable power sources and steady internet connections, investment in telecom and infrastructure is essential.

Gitex Technology

Young programmers and entrepreneurs from Morocco and Africa will have the chance to network with individuals from the public and private sectors as well as regional and international investors and business incubators at the event.

With over 22 million Africans anticipated to enter the workforce each year, Africa is predicted to have the largest global labor force by the end of the century.

  • Gitex Technology Week in Africa showcases innovation and digital transformation.
  • Morocco youth entrepreneurs network with sectors, investors, and incubators.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa faces digital infrastructure disparity; the Gitex Africa conference aims to increase usage.

The widest disparity between digital infrastructure and consumption, with only 22% of the population using online services in 2021, is found in Sub-Saharan Africa. Business start-ups can interact with technology providers and finance gateways at the growth-focused Gitex Africa conference to increase internet usage and related prospects.

In 2022, over 900 agreements totaling $5.4 billion were raised by African start-ups, with recent and successful start-ups like Lamma and Viebeg enabling more effective procurement management.

The young population of Uganda has benefited from a quick shift to the digital age, making it a hub for entrepreneurship. 250 investors, 70% of whom are outside the continent, will be connected to innovators through Gitex Africa.

The conference seeks to inspire the next generation of digital and creative talent to strengthen the entrepreneurial culture and bring together leaders from the public and commercial sectors to create practical, meaningful results.

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