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Dragon Fire Laser is the UK’s High Power Aerial Target Firing

  • The new test denoted the second arrangement of preliminaries, following the July 2022 tests.
  • Demonstrating DragonFire’s exactness in following and drawing in air and ocean focuses with accuracy.

During a preliminary at the MOD Hebrides Reach, the DragonFire laser coordinated energy weapon (LDEW) framework impacted the world forever by accomplishing the primary high-power shooting of a laser weapon against flying focuses in the UK.

The new preliminary, as detailed by Dstl and the DragonFire accomplices – MBDA, Leonardo, and QinetiQ – is said to expand on a progression of fruitful preliminaries.

UK’s High-Power Aerial Target Firing

On October 17, 2022, the DragonFire consortium, driven by MBDA, accomplished an achievement with the principal static high-power laser terminating at Dstl’s Porton Downrange. Utilizing QinetiQ’s 50kW laser, centered by Leonardo’s Pillar Chief, and constrained by MBDA’s framework, the preliminaries showed DragonFire’s capacity to concentrate a powerful laser onto an exact point at long reach.

The improvement of the DragonFire weapon framework is the consequence of a joint speculation adding up to £100 million (roughly $127 million) from industry and the UK MOD.

Using UK-created pillar joining innovation, Dragonfire highlights a 50 kW-class laser framework mounted on a turret, furnished with an electro-optical camera and an optional lower-power laser for imaging and following.

Intended to safeguard land and oceanic focuses against dangers, for example, rockets and mortars, Dragonfire’s energy needs might be met by a Flywheel Energy Stockpiling Framework (FESS) being developed through a joint UK-US exertion.

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