Wednesday, 19 June 2024

In Portugal Brazil’s Lula Met with the Protests Now

Waving banners and holding photos that portray war abominations, Ukrainians have assembled external the Brazilian consulate in Lisbon to fight Brazil President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s new comments about Russia’s conflict in their country.

The Brazilian president, who showed up in Portugal on Friday for a five-day official visit, has irritated numerous in the West for proposing both Kyiv and Moscow were at fault for the conflict in Ukraine.

Brazil’s Lula Met with the Protests

Lula additionally said the US and European partners ought to quit providing arms to Ukraine, blaming them in remarks last the end of the week for drawing out the conflict.

Lately, he has restrained his manner of speaking, censuring Russia’s infringement of Ukraine’s regional honesty, while calling again for intervention to end the conflict.

The Ukrainian government has reprimanded Brazil’s methodology for treating “the person in question and the attacker” the same way.

Ukrainian exile Yana Kolomiiets, who has been in Portugal for quite some time, partook in the Lisbon fight and said she felt “awful” when she heard Lula’s remarks.

Two Brazilian authorities told Reuters on Thursday that Lula – quick to safeguard Brazil’s nonpartisanship – is supposed to keep away from analysis of the Western job in the Ukraine battle during his visit to Portugal.

  • He will meet the Portuguese president and state leader on Saturday.
  • Russia sent off a full-scale intrusion of its neighbor in February 2022.
  • Outside the government office, dissenters held signs saying “Russia is a fear-based oppressor state” and “Quit murdering our kids”.

Sadokha’s affiliation conveyed a letter to the Brazilian consulate to communicate their discontent, which was given to Brazil’s envoy Raimundo Carreiro and government serves Marcio Macedo.

On Tuesday, Ukraine welcomed Lula to visit Kyiv, a day after the Brazilian president met with Russia’s Unfamiliar Pastor Sergey Lavrov in Brasilia.

Inquired as to whether the president would visit Ukraine, Macedo said Lula’s international strategy counsel, Celso Amorim, would go. There was still no decent date, he said.

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