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Frederiksen is assaulted in Copenhagen’s central district, a man is arrested

  • Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen was assaulted in central Copenhagen but was not visibly harmed.
  • The incident occurred at Kultorvet Square, leading to the arrest of a man; police are investigating.
  • The attack, just days before the EU election, has deeply shaken Frederiksen and her close associates.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen was assaulted in Copenhagen’s central Kultorvet Square on Friday evening. The assailant, a man who has since been arrested, left Frederiksen visibly stressed but without outward signs of harm.

This shocking attack comes just two days before Denmark’s EU election, heightening tensions and concerns. The assault has particularly unsettled Frederiksen’s associates, with Danish Minister of Environment Magnus Heunicke expressing the profound impact it has had on those close to her.

Danish PM Frederiksen attacked in Copenhagen ahead of EU elections

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen was assaulted on Friday evening at Kultorvet Square in central Copenhagen. The incident involved a man who was quickly arrested by the police. Although shaken, Frederiksen showed no outward signs of physical harm.

Witnesses, including barista Soren Kjergaard, noted that the Prime Minister appeared stressed as she was escorted away by her security detail. The police have confirmed the arrest and are currently investigating the incident, but further details have not been released.

This attack has stirred significant concern among Danish officials and the public, especially as it comes just two days before the EU election. The timing has added a layer of tension to an already charged political atmosphere.

Danish Minister of Environment Magnus Heunicke expressed his shock and solidarity on social media, emphasizing the deep impact on those close to Frederiksen. The incident follows a recent assassination attempt on Slovakia’s Prime Minister, highlighting a troubling trend of violence against European leaders.

The assault on Prime Minister Frederiksen underscores the growing concerns over the safety of political leaders in Europe, especially as it comes so close to a major election. This incident has not only shocked the nation but also highlighted the urgent need for increased security measures to protect public officials.

Danish Minister of Environment Magnus Heunicke expressed the collective sentiment of those close to the Prime Minister, stating, “Mette is naturally shocked by the attack. I must say that it shakes all of us who are close to her.”

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