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Dior Bag Scandal Controversy on South Korea First Lady

  • The video shows the minister buying a grayish-blue calfskin Dior pack from a store.
  • The receipt puts the pack’s expense at 3 million won.
  • A left-wing YouTube channel, Voice of Seoul, posted the clasp.

A debate encompassing the Principal Woman of South Korea, Kim Keon Hee, tolerating a costly extravagance pack from Dior as a gift has held the country. As per South Korean regulation, it is unlawful for public authorities and their companions to acknowledge any gift worth more than 1 million won in one go or a sum of 3 million won soon.

The Dior bag costs 3 million won (USD 2,200 or ₹1,86,811). Look down to know how the exorbitant design thing has arranged the decision Individuals Power Party (PPP) into disorder and compromised the possibilities of President Yoon Suk Yeol’s party in April’s races.

Bag Scandal Controversy on South Korean First Lady

A covert operative camera film – delivered before the end of last year – has uncovered that Kim Keon Hee got a Dior bag as a gift introduced to her by a minister.

As per them, the minister, Choi Jae-youthful, covertly recorded himself purchasing the bag and giving it to Kim Keon Hee utilizing a camera implanted in his watch.

After the buy, he visits Covana Items, an organization in Seoul claimed by the Principal Woman. There, she asks him, ‘For what reason do you continue to present to me these things?’ Allegedly, the pack was purchased by Minister Choi Jae-youthful in September 2022.

The video doesn’t show Kim Keon Hee tolerating the bag. Be that as it may, as per the Korea Messenger, the official office affirmed receipt of the pack and said it was “being overseen and put away as a property of the public authority.”

The video has created a ruckus in South Korea, with individuals requesting clarification from the president about his significant other’s activities. The resistance likewise expressed that the decision party can’t excuse the issue by saying ‘sorry’ Also, last week, Kim Kyung-yul, another PPP chief, analyzed the 51-year-old First Woman with Marie Antoinette, the infamous French Sovereign known for her excessive ways.

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