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32 Topics, 84 Pages Promises and Symbol Problems of NTK

Naam Tamilar Party’s political race statement for the Lok Sabha decisions was delivered by the party’s main organizer Seeman.

Naam Tamilar Party is challenging alone in every one of the 40 electorates in Tamil Nadu and Puduvai in the Lok Sabha decisions. Seeman delivered the political race statement for this political decision today.

32 Points, 84 Pages of Promises by NTK

The Naam Tamilar political race declaration delivered by Seeman contains guarantees made on 32 points. The substance of the 84-page political race report is as per the following:

1. Congress and BJP are not unique!

2. DMK, AIADMK who promised state freedoms

3. We are Tamils in Parliament

4. Crucial hierarchical political change

5. Independence and federalism

6. Against – vote-based – Leader of the Republic – Administrative change – Lead representative – Cancelation of Article 356 – Supporters redesign

7. Electing change – Political decision without image – Restriction on casting a ballot machine – Restriction on debasement in races – Change of crusading framework – Prohibition on challenging two supporters – Obligation of individuals to cast a ballot – Chance to decide in favor of Indian residents living abroad – Potential chance to decide in favor of detainees – Nullification of by-political race framework – Challenging on the image of different gatherings Denial

8. Parliamentarians squandering voting demographic improvement finances

9. Legal change – High Courts and High Court – Various decisions in the same case – Judges are the children of the dirt – Tamil is the legitimate language of Tamil Nadu – Judges resigned from government positions – Indian Corrective Code renaming

10. Right to Responsibility

11. Ladies and men are equivalent – Capital punishment for sexual offenses – Ladies’ Booking Change Act 2023

12. Brutality in Manipur

13. Against Ethnicism – Kashmir – Abrogation of Article 370 – Kachchathivu – Relocation of Northerners

14. Disdain legislative issues filling position, sectarianism

15. Regulations that Naam Tamil Party goes against – Citizenship Alteration Act (CGI), Public Populace Register (NPR), Public Register of Residents – Public Knowledge Organization (NIR) Correction Act – Denial of Triple Talaq Act – General Privileges Act – Booking for Monetarily More fragile Areas – Agrarian Demonstrations – Waterfront Administrative Zone Guideline

16. Plans went against by Nam Tamil Party – Political race Gift Box – Boss Pastor’s Debacle Asset – Agnipath

17. Demonetisation Extortion

18. Goods and Administration Expense

19. Privatization Progressivism Globalism – Privatization in Protection Area and Neighborhood Venture

20. Independence Green Parenthood Economy – Monetary Violations – Answers for Financial Wrongdoings

21. Water assets expansion – Answers for water circulation – Water is a normal property 22. Fishermen‘s government assistance

23. Revolution in horticulture – Animals raising

24. Education to foster information – School system change – Training – State possession – Abolishment of selection test framework – Governorship – Public instruction strategy – Solidarity Government allotment for instruction

25. Unrest in medication – Conventional clinical frameworks – Clinical construction of modest communities – Clinical waste administration

26. Transformation in transport area – Annulment of customs obligations – Need for Tamils – Material assurance – State legislatures in port and flight areas

27. Elective power age

28. Fiasco plans – Hydrocarbon Task – Narimanam Oil Purification (Refining) Plant – Barandur Air terminal – Adani Port Development – Sakarmala Undertaking – Koodangulam Thermal energy station – Kalpakkam Enulai – Ennur Thermal energy station – Kerala Clinical Waste – Kanima Valkappai – Salem – Chennai Eight Path – Catastrophic event Acts and Terms

29. Environmental change

30. Eelam is the country of our race

31. LTTE – Boycott lifted

32. Full freedom for Egwar.

Why NTK Symbol was Not the Sugarcane?

Naam Tamilar Party boss organizer Seeman said that the sugarcane rancher image was denied because he would not shape collusion with the BJP.

Naam Tamilar Party gave a letter to the Political Decision Commission saying that a ‘stick rancher image ought to be held for challenging Lok Sabha races’. In any case, the Political Decision Commission expressed that because of the late application, it was distributed to the Praja Joined party from Karnataka.

Thus, Naam Tamilar Party, which is suing the Delhi High Court, has not been distributed the sugarcane rancher image. A resulting appeal to the High Court didn’t yield the image.

As the date for the political decision was approaching, the Naam Tamilar Party requested to allot one of the public images like a mike, boat, and boat. In this, the Political Race Commission designated the Mike image.

In any case, taking this image to the people will be troublesome. Thus, dole out a boat or a cruising boat image,’ requested the sailor.

The Political Race Commission dismissed this solicitation and advised Mike to challenge the actual image. Subsequently, the Naam Tamilar Party has been compelled to contend on the Mike image.

Seeman Announced the Symbol of NTK

On March 27 in Chennai, Naam Tamilar Party facilitator Seeman presented the mike image distributed by the Political Race Commission and delivered the political decision proclamation. Addressing the media following this, he said, “In the 2024 parliamentary decisions, our Tamil party is challenging alone. Before, we challenged the rancher image. We battled till the finish to some way or another get that image. Be that as it may, the Political Race Commission didn’t allow it.

We have the mouthpiece image so that regardless of whether the image is lost, the thought ought not to be lost. We have concluded that there could be no more excellent image than this. I didn’t request the rancher image, I didn’t request this image it is possible that it was given by the Political Decision Commission.

Political Race Commission realizes what I want better compared to me. The motivation behind why I stand on the field through this emergency is because you won’t abandon me. They discuss civil rights and ladies’ privileges, yet they don’t rehearse it. In any case, kindly don’t leave us assuming that these straightforward youngsters think they are making the best decision. To help us and not leave us.

DTV is the person who said first comer needs yet how could he get the cooker image assuming he had union with BJP? How did GK Vasan get the bike image? I won’t ever make unions. I won’t think twice about that. The image isn’t the rancher, the world‘s swan is the rancher. We are beginning the mission tomorrow.

They endeavored to stop autonomously and give 40 images to every one of the 40 blocks. We concurred as today is the last day to document designations. Naam familiar party image oli vangi. An inquiry your kids pose is an inquiry for you. The political decision statement has been arranged by Vivekananda, “Don’t surrender reality for anything, quit any pretense of anything for truth,” he said.

To an inquiry regarding the image mentioned by the Madhyamik and Vishika parties, he said, “GK Vasan has been given a bike image. Another state has a bike image, how could they give it? Assuming they challenge two electorates, they let Madhimuk know that they will give the image. Assuming this is the case, why not Thirumavalavan?”

Why does my sister have an issue just in Coimbatore? Attempting to carry me to the coalition has been happening for a considerable length of time. They are familiar to me. I will leave all that and, surprisingly, go to the town for cultivating. In any case, I won’t make a partnership. Who surrendered 5 seats to BJP? DMK has not handled meriting up-and-comers despite surrendering to the DMK partnership in the spots where they stand. DMK isn’t straightforwardly challenging against BJP.

In Bihar, which has 40 supporters, the races will be held in 7 stages, and in Assam, which has not exactly this, in 3 stages. They have set up different stages as reasonable for their political race crusading. We who are challenged in Puducherry and Tamil Nadu need to make decisions in two stages. The political race will be held in 20 days. Be that as it may, counting of votes will require over 40 days.

Seeman About the Sugarcane Issue

It isn’t large for Chinnam to be a rancher. Ranchers are the swans of the world. I will begin crusading from tomorrow for battling in a portion of the towns on the off chance that I have the image first. Today is the last day to document assignments.

You can’t contend without understanding what the image is. Regardless of whether we get the sugarcane rancher image, we contend with certainty. Their thought is to give the Naam Tamil Party 40 images in 40 electorates.

What shocks them is that I got 7% of the votes as a person. They needed to push me back. The image was dismissed because it didn’t frame a coalition with the BJP.

Assuming you are so terrified of this, see what I will do in this political decision. I’m challenging the political race by confiding in individuals. It was the instrument through which the incredible progressives introduced their trademarks. Naam Tamils are challenging in this political race on the image of the mike. How about we find out what occurs on June 4? Said Seeman.

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