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Which Keeps The Body Fit? Yoga Vs Walking

  • The art of yoga is completely different from walking..
  • Yoga improves our mental health and reduces stress.
  • Walking requires no equipment.

Any physical activity is considered healthy for the body. Some like to go to the gym, while others resort to sports to keep themselves fit.

A major obstacle that prevents people from keeping themselves fit is lack of time. Some people thus choose walking as a form of fitness. Apart from that, yoga, which is practiced in Indian culture, has become very common among people.

Walking vs Yoga

Walking is something people all over the world do in common. The art of yoga is completely different from walking.

Yoga originated in India and requires expertise skills and years of practice. While walking is easy, some yoga poses are challenging.

Walking is something that everyone can easily do. It also helps in weight loss. People of all ages who can walk can easily walk.

Enjoying the lush green scenery and breathing in the fresh air while walking outside is refreshing.

Yoga practice involves positioning our body in different postures, using breathing techniques, and balancing our concentration.

Yoga also includes exercises that improve our heart rate and help burn calories and fat.

In comparison, walking burns more calories than yoga. Yoga helps strengthen muscles and makes the body more flexible and mobile.

 Both yoga and walking are considered helpful in weight loss. Walking has direct advantages, while yoga has structural advantages.

As both of these are very beneficial for the health of the body, it depends on the interests and preferences of the individual.

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